Advantages of WhatsApp and Hubspot integration

January 12, 2021
6 минут

Hubspot is an American CRM system. It supports English, French, Portuguese, German, Spanish and Japanese languages. Many international companies use Hubspot. You can communicate with people from all over the world using WhatsApp and Hubspot integration. The number of WhatsApp users exceeded 2 billion people this year. This is one of the most prominent messengers, and several million people use it in every country.

WhatsApp and Hubspot integration provide your sales department with a stable connection with all of your customers without expenditures for phone calls.

Why do you need WhatsApp and Hubspot integration?

It is convenient

Customers do not have to use unknown messengers or services in order to reach the company. It is highly probable, he has already used WhatsApp for communication with family and friends. It will be extremely convenient to have all chats in one place, including messages from your company.

WhatsApp is easy to use not only for clients but also managers. You can add several sales managers to a chat with a customer, so they can decide appearing problems more promptly.

It is informative

You can attach any additional files to WhatsApp messages: images, videos, screenshots, instructions or voice messages. All media files sending via WhatsApp and Hubspot integration are going to be stored in the CRM system.

It is productive

The open rate of WhatsApp messages is 95%. This means the client certainly will open your message. People do not like when there are unread messages on WhatsApp, so they always try to open it to refresh the number of notifications. In this way, the customer will definitely see your message and answer it if he is interested.

WhatsApp and Hubspot integration will help to make a more valuable proposition to the costumes and increase the conversion rate. All message history will be stored in the CRM system. Therefore, an employee can always check what products this person bought. So the sales manager can suggest a personal discount or something else useful for this customer.

It is effective

Sales managers can optimize their load. It is always easier to agree on WhatsApp about the phone call time than annoying your client with unwanted calls. If you are using WhatsApp and Hubspot integration, there is no need to manually create a card. It will automatically appear when you get a phone call from your customer.

WhatsApp and Hubspot integration: services Wazzup offer

  • There is an intuitive interface in Wazzup chats. Even a newcomer will understand how to use it;
  • WhatsApp and Hubspot integration saves all features of WhatsApp: emoji, citation, message statuses.
  • It is impossible to lose a lead because you forget to answer: notification about a new message will only disappear if you answer it or reset alert manually;
  • You can adjust WhatsApp and Hubspot integration for the needs of your company: choose how many active dialogues you need, split accounts, so only managers responsible for a specific client could see messages from him.

How to connect WhatsApp to Hubspot CRM?

  1. Create a Wazzup account;
  1. Add your Instagram and WhatsApp channels;
  2. Go to the integration settings in your Wazzup personal account;
  3. Click,“Add Integration”;
  4. Select “Hubspot” in the popped-up window;
  5. Open your Hubspot account in a separate window;
  6. Copy a link from the browser address bar;
  7. Return to Wazzup page and paste in the link to your Hubspot domain;
  8. Click “Connect”;
  9. Follow the link and click “Connect app”;
  10. Download extension for Google Chrome (ZIP, 362 Kb) and unpack it;
  11. Go to.”Extensions” in Google Chrome;
  12. 8. Click “Load unpacked extension” in the upper left corner;
  13. 9. Select the unzipped folder;
  14. Click on the extension and then on “Connect with Hubspot”
  15. Your integration is ready to use.

Read more about the settings and integration in this guide.