WhatsApp and Zoho CRM integration: why it could benefit your company’s development

January 12, 2021
6 минут

The aim of every company is to increase their income and the number of loyal customers. In order to achieve this goal, the company should grow, develop and improve the quality of services. One the one hand, a company can not satisfy clients needs if it does not have an established connection between various inner departments. However, if your company is too focused on the inner workings, it will not succeed without a quality client service.

WhatsApp and Zoho CRM integration allow you to improve the client service and optimize the company’s work. This integration delivers a useful set of tools. They will help you in analyzing and improving the sales department work.

More control over your business with WhatsApp and Zoho CRM integration

The more staff are involved in your business, the more complicated it is to monitor their work. However, WhatsApp and Zoho integration can help a director to control the sales department remotely. You will have first-hand information about the activity of your sales managers.

  • Connecting WhatsApp to Zoho CRM will allow the director to check the correspondence of company’s sales managers. Therefore, you will be able to evaluate the quality of work of each individual employee.
  • Thanks to the integration between WhatsApp and Zoho CRM, all correspondence will be stored in the CRM. The director can track which sales manager closes the most deals and identify the most effective employee.

More tools for analytics with WhatsApp and Zoho CRM integration

Another key feature of a successful company is the ability to gather and analyze data. You need to know your target audience, adequately estimate the weaknesses and the strengths of the company. This information will help to identify the potential for further development and improve the quality of offered products and services.

  • Using WhatsApp and Zoho integration, you can gather all the information about your clients in one place. You can analyze age, gender and preferences of customers who are using your services and products. It allows you to see the target audience more clearly and work purposefully to engage these people in the future.
  • WhatsApp connection to Zoho CRM will help you to learn more about the weak sides of your product. The CRM system saves questions, suggestions or reports about problems which customers experienced. Thus, the company can analyze reviews and work on the revealed issues.

More opportunities for automation with WhatsApp and Zoho CRM integration

  • WhatsApp and Zoho integration allows you to properly adjust the CRM system according to the company’s needs. You can create as many marketing funnels as you want and send deals, tasks and contacts to various steps of the funnel.
  • This integration will help sales managers to reduce routine activities and spend more time communicating with customers. For each incoming message from WhatsApp, Zoho CRM automatically creates a task that will remind managers to respond to the client.

You can try WhatsApp and Zoho CRM integration for free. Sign up on the Wazzup, make a channel following instructions, and our support team will help you to create an integration.