How does WhatsApp CRM integration affect customer service level?

January 12, 2021
6 минут

It is a common trend that clients are becoming more demanding. For example, a Forrester Research survey from 2018 illustrates that 80% of people consider customer service at a high level if their problem is promptly resolved. In order to keep up with competitors, companies have to pay more attention to the timely processing of customers’ applications and carefully consider their feedback. You can lose a client because of delays in communication, and it can affect your reputation.


You can connect WhatsApp with the CRM system, and the problem of long answers will be solved. Thanks to the integrations, the sales manager promptly will be notified about a new inquiry from a client. All messages are coming to the unified system, so there is no need to switch between WhatsApp and CRM. The manager can answer a question from the CRM system, and the customer will get a message in a messenger he is using for communication.


Both sides can use handy applications or services for communication. Customers prefer WhatsApp because it is familiar to them. He will not phone or write an email because it is long and inconvenient. However, people always have their phones, therefore, it is more comfortable to chat from WhatsApp or other messengers. In contrast, the manager works from a computer through the CRM system. The integration allows both of them to use comfortable ways of communication.


WhatsApp and CRM integration also helps the company to quickly notify their clients about any changes or updates. The system automates various routine processes. For example, it can create a task to reach a customer and ask for feedback after a deal is closed. The CRM will send a reminder to your workers about this assignment. You can adjust the integration to create any task for employees if a certain trigger works.


Moreover, the system can automatically send a survey form to a customer after the deal is closed. It is very convenient because the client can answer a couple of questions straight in WhatsApp. This data can be used to improve customer service in the future.


Integrating WhatsApp with CRM can be used to gather data about your target audience. Message history, customer’s orders, preferences and interests will be stored in the system. CRM will analyze this information and help managers to make a unique proposition to the customer. Personalized offers can increase your conversion rate. The more knowledge you have about the consumer — the more chances you have to keep them and motivate them to make purchases. Use this information wisely.

How to make communication more efficient?

Order to increase the loyalty of existing customers and attract new ones, using the WhatsApp CRM integration, you should remember simple rules:

  • Personalize your communication with customers. Mass-mailing is not the best method to get people’s attention. Most probably you will be banned for that. However, personalized discounts and individual approach will bring joy to your customer.
  • Do not use too much automation. There are some tasks that you can delegate to chatbot and robots. However, people appreciate the attention and live communication. The customer will definitely feel valuable if a real person helps to solve his problems.
  • Analyze statistics. CRM systems allow you to see the speed of manager responses to customer requests. You will know what is happening at each stage of the sales funnel.
  • Pay attention to your brand visibility and awareness. Potential customers can see about your WhatsApp channels from media, social networks or another source.
  • Use as many special tools of integration as possible. Send images, audio, video files, and documents. You can add emojis to the text, if this does not contradict to  your business policy.

WhatsApp has more than 1.5 billion monthly active users. This messenger can serve as a powerful tool for brand promotion. It is only important to understand the benefits of messenger and integration WhatsApp with CRM based on the needs of your business. This integration will provide your company with uninterrupted communication with customers and data analysis. You can use this information to create a powerful marketing strategy. WhatsApp could help you not only to attract new users but also build long-term relationships with current ones.