How quality customer service helps small businesses survive

February 27, 2024
6 минут

We tell you how Wazzup integration into Bitrix24 helped the company to improve customer service and increase profits.

About the company

Viajo Por Trabajo translates from Spanish as “Traveling for work”. It is a service for finding short-term apartments that focuses on business travel. The company launched in 2019 and since then the team has grown from one employee to seven. They operate 15 apartments in two of Ecuador’s largest cities.

Viajo Por Trabajo’s main challenge is that it’s hard for small businesses to attract and retain customers in a competitive niche like accommodation booking services. Small companies cannot offer the same large selection of apartments as Airbnb or Booking, so they get lost against the giants.

To do business successfully in such a competitive environment, it is especially important for small companies to maintain a high level of customer service. If managers are not quick enough to respond to messages, leads go to competitors and the company loses profits and audience loyalty.

Problem: the transaction cycle is stretched due to managers’ mistakes

Before the CRM-system appeared, everything had to be done manually – to set tasks, make customer requests and generate booking confirmations. Managers did all this, so mistakes often occurred due to the human factor. Specialists could forget to send a voucher or enter incorrect data.

The client had to write to the support service, wait until the manager saw his message, realized what needed to be corrected, and manually formed and sent a new document. The transaction cycle increased, customers got nervous, and managers processed fewer requests than they could.


Automate the booking confirmation process.


Viajo Por Trabajo implemented a CRM system to automate routine tasks and, as a result, eliminate errors due to human error. In Bitrix24, the company set up a system of business processes – automatic actions triggered by certain triggers. The company has configured triggers in such a way that booking confirmations are generated and sent out automatically.

Managers are no longer involved in filling out forms. The system itself fills out the document and automatically sends the voucher to the client.

The transaction cycle has shortened – managers started to spend more time working with clients rather than correcting their own mistakes. Customers now receive a booking confirmation within five minutes.

Problem: Customers are leaving because of the long wait for a response

In 2019, Viajo Por Trabajo had only one manager working at Viajo Por Trabajo. He used the WhatsApp mobile app, WhatsApp Web or answered emails. When many requests came in at the same time, it was physically impossible for one person to quickly respond to all of them at once. On average, a manager had to wait 25–30 minutes for a response. Some messages were lost in the flow of information and clients left for more attentive and diligent companies.

The company decided to hire two more managers, but the problem of long answers and loss of new requests from clients remained. This is due to the main rule and logic of WhatsApp:

  • A number can only be used by one person from the WhatsApp app on a phone or WhatsApp Web.
  • The trigger for removing the new message bar from the dialog is the fact of reading, not replying.


  1. Enable all managers to communicate from one phone number.
  2. Find a solution for reminding about dialogs in which a manager has not answered.


The Wazzup team connected WhatsApp to Viajo Por Trabajo’s CRM system. This integration allows managers to reply to messages directly from Bitrix24 and communicate with customers from a single number.

A “channel” was created for the company in Wazzup and support specialists were connected to it. The response time to customer messages has been reduced. Now managers can simultaneously answer customer questions directly from the CRM system from a single number.

In addition, managers no longer lose messages. When a manager goes into correspondence with a client – the counter of new messages is not reset. To make the unread message bar disappear, you need to reply or manually reset the counter. Both options are a conscious action of the manager. This logic helps to exclude the human factor and return to dialogs, not leaving customers’ questions unanswered.

The support team is available 24/7 and customers get answers to their questions within five minutes. Managers have time to process more requests per shift, and customers no longer leave for competitors because of long wait times.

Problem: managers don’t have the tools to analyze manager performance

Even small things influence customer loyalty – speed of response, polite treatment, willingness to help and explain unclear points. For small companies it is especially important to monitor the level of customer service and the efficiency of managers – every customer counts.

The company’s profit directly depends on the work of managers. If a support specialist performs his duties poorly, the company loses customers and with them money. Therefore, it is important for the manager to motivate the best specialists and find growth points for the rest in order to optimize the company’s work.


Set up an employee performance tracking system to reward top managers.


The NPS module in Bitrix helps to track managers’ success. At the stage of closing a deal, a message is automatically sent to the client to evaluate the performance of the company or an employee. This module automatically collects all customer evaluations and also takes into account the ratio of leads to closed deals and creates an infographic using this data.

Based on each manager’s performance, the manager identifies the best employees of the month and rewards them with bonuses. If negative feedback is received, an automatic task can be set up for the responsible employee to solve the problem.

Decision results

Integrating WhatsApp Web with Bitrix24 has helped Viajo Por Trabajo to increase profits through quality and responsive customer service. How the innovations changed the company’s operations:

1. Business processes save support team time.

Managers no longer correct errors in vouchers, so they have time to process more leads.

All documents are generated automatically and errors occur only if the customer has made a mistake himself. Therefore, the client gets only positive experience of interaction with the service.

2. The number of positive feedback has increased.

Before the integration was implemented, the average response time of a manager was 25-30 minutes or more. Now specialists respond to a request within five minutes. The company has regular customers who return to Viajo Por Trabajo and often praise the support team. Real reviews on the website help to increase the level of trust and loyalty of customers to the company.

Paul writes that the owner of the apartment is a positive and pleasant person. He also says: “I recommend this site because it is of the highest standard”.

3. The number of successfully closed deals has increased.

The supervisor sees the performance of each manager and awards a bonus to the best employee of the month. This system motivates employees to perform their duties diligently, and Wazzup helps process more applications in the same amount of time as before.