How Wazzup helps solve company problems when scaling rapidly

March 5, 2024
6 минут

About the company

Industrias Quantum Motors SA is the first company in Bolivia to produce and sell electric cars and electric motorcycles. As of September 2019, the company only operated in Bolivia. It had 20 employees, 6 of them in the sales department.

In 2020, the company entered the Paraguay and Peru markets, so the total number of employees increased to 60. The company has new salespeople from other countries – now there are 20 managers in the sales department.

Leads come to the company from the website: they make orders, request catalogs, find out payment terms and credits, sign up for a test drive in the desired location. The main channel of communication with customers is WhatsApp. Before the Wazzup connection, salespeople corresponded with customers on WhatsApp Web and from the phone.

While the sales were only in Bolivia, one channel was enough for salespeople to communicate with customers, but after the expansion, problems appeared.

Problem 1 – it was difficult to onboard new salespeople

When the company expanded into other markets, new salespeople were needed in the sales department. But employees couldn’t get up to speed quickly because customer information hadn’t been entered into CRM before and managers had nowhere to get a history of communication with the customer.


Enable new salespeople to be quickly onboarded and give them access to customer information.


Clients have connected Wazzup integration to Bitrix24. This allowed them to:

  • Save correspondences in CRM.
    Now information about new clients and all correspondences are automatically saved in Bitrix24. Managers always have access to customer information. Plus, they can pass customers to other salespeople and seamlessly onboard other employees.
  • Withdraw salespeople quickly.
    Now that all correspondence is stored in the CRM, any manager can see the history of communication with a customer. A new salesperson doesn’t need to ask the client unnecessary questions – they can read the correspondences and find out what managers have communicated with the client before.
  • Distribute access between employees.
    In case a manager quits or gets sick, the manager changes the person responsible for the deal in a few clicks. There is no more downtime in work due to the fact that only one employee has access to the client.

Due to this, the company was able to organize the work of the sales department, which increased by 3 times. New salespeople can immediately take the first requests into work.

Problem 2 – the quality of customer service dropped

When there were more locations and more clients, the speed of response to the client decreased. Each contact took a lot of time for a salesperson. Managers had to qualify the client themselves: find out what country he was from, what he was interested in, payment options for his territory, and then manually pass the client to other managers.


  1. Reduce the time to qualify a customer.
  2. Speed up the response time.


We connected separate channels for each country to separate the flow of requests by sales departments of different countries. This enabled managers to process more requests in less time. Salespeople don’t waste time figuring out the country of residence and distributing requests manually. Customers themselves come to the right sales department even before communicating with a manager.

Automated lead qualification with the help of a bot. The bot “at the entrance” collects information from the client about what he is interested in, and then sends him a catalog, finds out the country of residence of the client and allocates to the right responsible person. The entire correspondence history also “goes” to the responsible person. Now salespeople work with already qualified customers and do not waste time on finding out information.

As a result, the quality of communication with customers is higher. Salespeople work only with clients from “their” region, know all the information on sales conditions, loans and prices, and therefore do not waste time to find out information about other locations and can give the client more accurate data about the product.

Problem 3 – lack of supervisor control

After entering the markets of Paraguay and Peru, the quality of work of foreign managers was not monitored. Controlling sales became difficult both technically and physically:

Before Wazzup was connected, the company had Bitrix24, but in practice managers hardly used it. Bitrix24 statistics showed zero activity for several months.
Territorially, sales departments are located in different countries, so the manager could not follow the work of each department personally.


Transfer current processes to Bitrix24.
Customize the integration for the company’s processes.


We introduced the manager to our Spanish-speaking partner Luis Cordova Fernandez from Es24CRM. He connected and customized Wazzup to meet the company’s objectives. He helped set up Bitrix24 and trained managers to use CRM.

Now the manager controls the quality of work of sellers, can go to CRM and see correspondence of any manager, check the speed of response and the number of active dialogs.

Total results

Now the company is in the development stage: KPIs have been introduced, they are planning to launch customer service, they are already collecting statistics on sales, they are training the sales department in Bolivia. In the future, as soon as they finish with Bolivia, they plan to start working on sales teams in Peru and Paraguay.

What they did:

  1. Implemented existing processes in Bitrix24 and trained managers to work properly within the CRM.
  2. Set up Wazzup integration in Bitrix24 and trained the manager to track and analyze the performance of managers using data from the CRM.
  3. Connected separate channels for Bolivia, Peru and Paraguay to distribute requests across sales teams.
  4. Configured a bot to qualify and distribute leads. Salespeople don’t waste time qualifying each request, but get targeted customers. At the same time, customers get fast service instead of waiting for one manager to verify information with another.