#31: Telegram group chats, widget in Salesbot and the list of chats

June 5, 2023
2 minutes

Greetings! Here are some goodies, that we’ve been working on lately:

  • we’re glad to introduce Telegram group chats. They already work in Wazzup chats in Bitrix24 and Kommo,
  • also gave a little touch to the list of chats — now it is more comfortable to read and use.
  • fixed a bug in our widget, which took place in Salesbot Kommo.

Introducing Telegram group chats to Wazzup

Now you can chat in Telegram group chats from Bitrix24 and Kommo. They work in the same way as WhatsApp groups:

  • they are displayed in Wazzup chats;
  • they don’t create a separate lead, contact or deal, so if there will appear employees or contacts that are not needed in CRM, there will be no mess in your funnels;
  • the employee with the sales rep role can see only those group chats in which there is at least one of his clients. And employees with the managers and quality control roles can see everything.

You don’t have to do anything to display group chats in Wazzup. If you have such chats, they will automatically appear on their own.

👉 How do group chats work

Tariffs became cheaper

Now you can renew current and buy new subscriptions for lower prices:

  • Start: 30 → 20 euros, dollars;
  • Pro: 60 → 45 euros, dollars;
  • Max: 120 → 90 euros, dollars;
  • WABA: 120 → 90 euros, dollars.

Discounts of 10% when paying for half a year and 20% when paying for a year are still valid. You can find fresh prices including discounts on our website.

The price of WABA correspondence is not affected by these changes, but it got updated too — more info about it below there.

The list of chats is now more convenient

How it worked before: 

  • the “Create dialogue” button was displayed in chats from the channels you cannot use to write first from Wazzup: Instagram and Telegram Bot. Also the button was in group chats, but starting a conversation with several people right now isn’t possible from Wazzup;
  • correspondence in different messengers looked the same in the list of chats. To understand where the chat came from, sellers had to open it. 

How it works now:

  • the “Create dialogue” button was removed from where it isn’t needed;
  • icons of messengers attached to chats in the list. Now it will be easier for the seller to find the necessary chat in the list.

The chats were also cleaned and tidied up a bit:

Kommo: the message text isn’t missing from the widget in Salesbot

How it worked before: sometimes in the Wazzup widget in Salesbot, the message text disappeared. This happened when in the widget settings the channel from which messages should go was changed. 

How it became: it was fixed – you can change channels without problems 🙂

Bitrix24: messages are saved into Open Channels

If the number is connected to Open Channels (OC), messages that the sales rep sends from Wazzup chat or deal comments must synchronize and send to the Open Channels.

How it worked before on numbers connected to Open Channels: if the message was sent from a card using “SMS/WhatsApp” method, it wasn’t saved in OC. At the same time, outgoing messages from Wazzup chats got there, as they should.

How it became: now it’s fixed and everything should go to Open Channels too.

WhatsApp Business API (WABA) pricing changed

From June 1, Meta changed WABA billing. Payment for 24-hour correspondence are charged differently:

  • it isn’t possible to write first for free;
  • the price per session depends on what you’ve sent to the client: a regular message or a template;
  • template category affects the cost of correspondence;
  • there can be several 24-hour sessions with one client at the same time.

Details and prices for correspondence 

So in some cases (when someone writes to you first), you can use our templates instead of WABA templates — and save a penny 🙂

👉How to create a Wazzup template


That’s all for now, folks. Stay tuned to our newswire to keep up with our updates. Hugs to everyone :*