#14: automation in CRM and fixed bugs

December 26, 2022
6 минут

This week we have a nice release for you with updated automation in Kommo and Bitrix24: now it will be easier to send messages from WABA and WhatsApp channels. 

We’ve also fixed a couple of bugs: the system message in Kommo no longer messing around and the correct number of channels is specified in the auto-reply settings. 

Details here – in our new changelog. 

Now it’s easier and more convenient to send automatic messages from WhatsApp and WABA channels

We’ve added our widget to Salesbot Kommo and a new activity to Bitrix24 Business Processes. With it you can:

  • Make mailings from a specific channel. 
  • Choose a WABA template from the list instead of fiddling with codes.
  • Choose where to send the message to the client. 
  • Attach media in the same way as in the messenger (with paperclip button), not only with a link.

👉 How to set up a widget in Salesbot Kommo

👉 How to set up an activity in Bitrix24 Business ProcessesIf you have any questions, write to support – our fellas will be pleased to help you 🙂

Kommo: we won’t confuse you with weird system messages

How it worked before: when a manager without a channel role tried to write to a client. They said “The channel for sending messages is not configured” instead of “Go to the “Integration with CRM” section and select a role for the employee.” As a result, they could confuse the administrator of the Wazzup account. 

How it works now: we don’t do this anymore, instead we show the correct notification.

Auto-replies: we don’t show “all channels” text, when it’s clearly not all

How it worked before: if the “Missed call” auto-answer was connected to all WhatsApp channels, and there were also channels of a different type in your personal account, an incident like this happened: in the auto-answer settings, we wrote that it is connected in general for all channels. 

How it works now: no more misleading for you. We indicate that the “Missed call” auto-reply is enabled only on WhatsApp channels.

That’s all for now, folks. Stay tuned to our newswire to keep up with our updates. 

Hugs to everyone :*