#9: WABA universal templates and fixed bugs in chats

November 7, 2022
4 минуты

We have good news for those who plan to connect WABA: now it is not necessary to create templates yourself. As soon as you add a channel, we will automatically send some universal templates to Facebook for approval. 

Learn more about universal templates and, as usual, about fixed bugs in our new changelog.

WABA: Now it’s not necessary to create a template yourself

How it worked before: in order to write to clients first, you, after already having connected the WABA channel, had to figure out how to create and send templates for moderation. 

How it works now: when you connect a WABA channel, we automatically send several universal templates for moderation.

Templates are easy to personalize when sending: they contain variables in which you can write anything. 

You can write to clients first as soon as Facebook approves the templates. Usually, moderation takes no longer than 2-3 hours. While the templates are being approved, you can respond to incoming messages without any restrictions.

You can always add your own templates if you want to. But it’s up to you.

Also quick reminder: we made a 3-day test period for the WABA channel without confirming the company in the Meta. This is a full-fledged WABA channel with templates, buttons, links, pictures and the ability to send bulk messages.

To test WABA, go to the “Channels” section Wazzup account → “Add a channel” → WhatsApp → WABA. Then follow the prompts.

We don’t blame your browser now

How it worked before: sometimes instead of showing a voice message in chats, an error appeared “You’ve received a voice message, but your browser does not support it.” In this case, the browser had nothing to do with it, and the audio should have been displayed.

How it works now: We fixed it. Now we do not shift the responsibility to innocent browsers and let you listen to the voice messages. 

WABA: we don’t pretend that the template is being moderated

How it worked before: sometimes the WABA template went into the status “On moderation”, although it did not fly away for approval on Facebook due to an error. At the same time, the error notification did not appear in the personal account, so the user didn’t know about the problem and peacefully waited for a solution from Facebook.

How it works now: Now it’s corrected. If something went wrong, the template does not go for moderation and an error notification appears in your account.

Broken files don’t interfere with communication with clients

How it worked before: a user couldn’t open a chat with a client. Instead of their correspondence, the “Server Error” message appeared on the screen.

We found out that the reason the chat wasn’t loading was a broken file in the correspondence. Of course, this is not ok — the chat was supposed to open and work as usual.

How it works now: We fixed it, and this bug no longer threatens anyone.

That’s all for now, folks. Stay tuned to our newswire to keep up with our updates. 

Hugs to everyone :*