#19: mobile application, quoting messages and settings in personal account

February 13, 2023
6 минут

Now WABA messages work better in the mobile application, quoting messages when replying is always displayed in chats, and there are much less annoying bugs in the personal account settings.

Updates in mobile app

What has been tweaked in the new version:

– Sometimes the WABA message could get stuck in the chat for an unknown reason. This happened when there was too much text in your message. Now we show the error and explain that the text needs to be shortened.

– If you select the WABA template with media, the attachment by default will already have what was attached to the message before moderation. The media can be replaced when you send the template to the client.

– Sometimes sellers were able to send a voice message that was less than a second long. We no longer allow such an obvious flaw to happen.

WhatsApp: quoting messages when you reply, is displayed

How it worked before: if the client replied with a quote to the sales rep’s message, the answer in the Wazzup chat could be displayed without quoting. You had to either clarify what the client was writing about or go with your instincts.

How it works now: this doesn’t happen anymore.

Channel name can be changed without problems

How it worked before: There were cases when users couldn’t change the channel name. When the administrator of the personal account specified a new channel name and clicked “Save”, the page could freeze and nothing happened after.

How it works now: it’s fixed now.

We don’t offer to save changes in the settings that weren’t there

How it worked before: if the user looked into the integration settings in the personal account, he didn’t touch anything and he left the page after that, a prompt appeared that offered to save the changes even if there were no such case.

How it works now: We no longer ask such questions if they aren’t necessary.

WABA: You can remove the second link from the company profile

How it worked before: if in the WABA company profile two links to a website or social network were indicated, and then you tried to delete one of them in the settings of the personal Wazzup account – an error occurred.

How it works now: fixed. If you want to delete something – we won’t interfere with you.

Yes, you can edit your WABA profile description right in Wazzup personal account. If you haven’t used this feature yet, we recommend you give it a try.

Analytics: don’t count telegrams twice

How it worked before:: after creating a chat in telegram, the number of new dialogs in the analytics window could be increased by 2, not 1.

How it works now: now we do the right maths 😀

That’s all for now, folks. Stay tuned to our newswire to keep up with our updates. 

Hugs to everyone :*