Contact the client
via WhatsApp
directly from CRM

Simple WhatsApp integration with popular CRMs.
Easily connect in 5 minutes — no developers needed.
3 days for trial
Market leader in messenger integration — 14,000 current business clients

Finally, selling through messengers done easy

Sales reps text in WhatsApp directly from CRM

  • A sales rep sees only their own chats, the leader sees everyone’s chat history
  • Contacts and deals for new clients are created automatically
  • Chat history is stored in CRM
  • Routine messages are sent automatically

No more problems with correspondence in the sales team

The client receives a reply even if their sales rep is on vacation

If a sales rep is sick, on vacation, or leaves the company, you can transfer clients to another
employee in just a few clicks.

The sales reps’ chat history stays in the company

Don’t lose clients simply because an employee left and took all their chat history with them
on their personal phone. Now all dialogs will be saved in one place — CRM.

No one says "didn’t call much because of messaging"

You will know exactly how much,
when, and with whom a sales rep corresponded. And the sales
rep will know that you know. There will be no more cop-outs.
That’s better!

Your sales reps will
thank you

Using CRM becomes easier and quicker.
The system runs smoothly, requiring no extra effort from sales reps.
Now they don’t
need to...
Now they don’t need to:

Seamless integration: set up and forget

The Big Bad Wolf won’t blow it down.

We are robust

Wazzup runs smoothly 99.7% of the time,
keeping you in touch with clients.

We deliver 100% of messages

In a second, each message goes to CRM,
not Narnia.

Answering your queries 24/7

Support responds to any question in 5 minutes. Day, night, or 6am on Christmas morning.

Stay in touch with your clients always and everywhere

It doesn’t matter where you are: at the water cooler, on the road, or out for coffee. Write to clients from the Wazzup mobile app — all correspondence is saved in CRM and accessible from your computer.

People often ask us

Yes, we do. You can integrate WhatsApp Business API with CRM. Do it yourself or contact our support team for assistance. We can help you to apply for verification, agree the templates, get a green tick.
It’s possible, WhatsApp Business API is great for this. You can send out unlimited bulk messages and add buttons to messages to boost the conversion rate.
Yes. Moreover, if you use one number for all sales reps, they will see group chats only with their clients, not with anyone else.
We can integrate WhatsApp Business API, Telegram, and Instagram, any of them or all at once. Even if there are several messengers, you can respond to clients from one window.
Yes, all sales reps will text using CRM or our mobile app but will not see each other’s messages.
Yes, no problem. It’s possible to move all sales reps to one channel or create a separate one for each.
Yes, we have companies that operate this way. Each branch has its own phone number, which is used by all sales reps at that branch. When new inquiries are made to this number, they are distributed among the sales reps of this branch.
Yes, we can set up integration with Roistat, CoMagic, and any other analytics system that works with Google ID.

Yes, so that you can chat with clients through Wazzup. But we transmit and store all data encrypted so no one can intercept and access your chat history.

We comply with international personal data processing policies and keep a close eye on our systems to make sure they’re secure and safe.

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Answering any questions in 5 minutes, 24/7


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