How to Create a Virtual Phone Number for WhatsApp

May 14, 2024
6 минут

How to get a virtual phone number and use it on WhatsApp

In the age of digital communication, the quest for alternatives in private and business interactions over WhatsApp has led to a surge in the popularity of virtual phone numbers. Learn about the mechanisms and benefits of utilizing a virtual number and discover the simplicity in obtaining one.

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WhatsApp Virtual Number Explained

A WhatsApp virtual phone number facilitates account activation without the need for a physical SIM card, enabling seamless sharing of numbers and utilization across multiple devices. In business, virtual numbers are used in all sectors: online and offline commerce, tourism, real estate, transport and logistics, medicine, education, etc. Virtual numbers are connected for corporate and distributed call centers, as well as for communication with remote employees.

Advantages of Embracing Virtual Phone Numbers

Virtual numbers offer the convenience of synchronized communication across devices, irrespective of geographical limitations. By personalizing interactions and empowering businesses to manage high traffic efficiently, they enhance customer engagement significantly. Main advantages are:

  • Anonymity of personal data
  • No need to bind a new contact number to your SIM card
  • Economy
  • Adaptability

How to Get a Virtual Phone Number for WhatsApp

To get a free virtual phone number for WhatsApp, you have several third-party apps to choose from. Follow these steps to create your virtual number:

Download the app and enter your area code. From several generated virtual phone numbers, choose one to use. Next, uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp on your device. When setting up your WhatsApp account, use the virtual number. Finally, enter the verification code in WhatsApp to start using the app for messages and calls.


Virtual phone numbers emerge as cost-effective solutions that safeguard personal contact details while streamlining communication across a variety of devices. Enhance your communication strategies today by acquiring a virtual number, and you will be free from roaming, operator tariffs and unstable connection between countries!