What problems Instagram and Zoho CRM Integration solves

January 12, 2021
6 минут

Instagram and Zoho CRM Integration is not just a bridge, connecting a social network and CRM system. This integration is a full-fledged tool aimed to help the sales management department. This article will explain what problems Instagram and Zoho Integration can instantly solve, and why it will benefit your business.

There is no opportunity to record client’s applications

The absolute majority of companies working on Instagram have to store applications from clients in this social network, and they are not recorded in the CRM. Managers very rarely enter the data about the deal that happened on Instagram in the CRM system. This requires manual labour, and it can be inconvenient and take a lot of time because many sales managers work from their phones.

What changes when integration is implemented

When you connect integration, your managers will be able to track deals with clients that were made on Instagram. Every comment or direct message that you receive will be automatically registered in the CRM database. The system creates a task page after the first message from a customer and automatically uploads your chat from Instagram to Zoho. Your sales manager will have plenty of time to communicate with clients rather than transfer the data from Instagram to Zoho.

Leads are not becoming your customers

It often happens that applications come to your Instagram page, but potential customers do not go through the sales funnel: they stop communicating or go to your competitors. There can be many reasons for this: the sales manager did not manage to answer in time; the customer did not have enough information about the product or he simply changed his mind.

What changes when integration is implemented

When you install the Instagram and Zoho integration, you will receive notifications about new messages and comments which came to Instagram. Moreover, the sales manager will be able to answer messages straight from CRM. If you add integration, several managers can communicate with customers from one account. It will help to optimize the work of the sales department and promptly react to people’s questions.

Customers go to your competitors

Usually, there is only one worker who knows everything about the specific customer. It happens because they communicated with each other through Instagram, and all information is stored in the Direct Message. Therefore, if he decides to take a vacation or quit, the bulk of information about a deal will be lost for other workers.

What changes when integration is implemented

When you connect Instagram to Zoho, all correspondence between a manager and a client will be stored in the CRM system. Thus, the new manager will read the history of messages and learn what is happening before starting work. Therefore, the efficiency of the work will not depend on a specific worker. Whatever happens, a manager can always be replaced with another without consequences for the sales process.

A director is not aware of what is happening in a sales department

Executive directors rarely have enough time to observe the whole sales department working process. It is impossible to listen to all phone calls between the customer and the manager and check every message. It means you are not able to monitor the quality of customer service. You will not know how your workers answer questions and whether they respond at all.

What changes when integration is implemented

A director will always have access to all sales department correspondence with clients. Anytime he can look through managers’ chats with clients. Another way to evaluate the efficiency of the sales department is by checking the number of unanswered messages on Instagram. If there are many questions without an answer, then your managers are not doing well.