#24: voice-to-text conversion, updates in WABA chats and analytics

March 27, 2023
5 minutes

This week we’ve added a new feature for some tariff plans — voice-to-text conversion for voice messages. 

We’ve also fixed a couple of bugs:

  • you can write first with no problem from WABA channels, 
  • salespeople are deservedly taking their places in the analytics section.

You can check all details about it here — in our new changelog.

Voice message transcription in Wazzup chats

Voice transcripts are available in Wazzup chats now. If listening to the voice message is not comfortable at the moment or you simply don’t want to — you can read what your client said there.

This feature works:

  • on channels on the Max plan, 
  • on WABA channels, 
  • on Telegram Bot channel with the Pro tariff.

To transcribe audio to text, click the letters “Aa” next to the message. This button is already available on all channels except Instagram. It will appear there a bit later.

WABA: you can write first without any problems

How it worked before: sometimes it was impossible to create a new chat or start a 24-hour correspondence with a client. The message wouldn’t send, “Unknown error” would appear.

How It became: It’s fixed now.

WABA: templates you’ve created on Facebook or another service can synchronize with Wazzup

How it worked before: if a user created WABA templates in another service or on Facebook, it didn’t show up in the Wazzup account. You could make the templates appear in Wazzup only with the help of support.

How It became: templates that weren’t created in Wazzup are automatically pulled into your account (within 2 hours since creation in Facebook or another place).

Analytics: ranking your sales reps correctly

Sometimes you can see that in the analytics menu the average response time of some employees is 0. This is not because the salesperson answers clients instantly. It’s just that he either doesn’t have any chats at all or he has written to customers himself but hasn’t received a response from them yet.

How it worked before in the “Analytics” section: our system considered such sellers to be the fastest and showed them at the top of the ranking in terms of response time.

How It became: we distribute places fairly between sellers. Those who have incoming messages and respond to it faster than others get to the top of the ranking.

Employees with an average response time of 0 are at the end of the list. They can’t be evaluated yet because they haven’t responded to anyone.

That’s all for now, folks. Stay tuned to our newswire to keep up with our updates. 

Hugs to everyone :*