#39: chats in Pipedrive, hidden WhatsApp numbers and contact names in group chats

October 27, 2023
1 minute

Now the salesperson can write to the customer faster in Pipedrive: Wazzup chat is displayed in lead, deal and contact details view. 

Also, we fixed bugs: now you can reply to messages from hidden numbers and we sign the name of a contact in group chat. 

Pipedrive: chatting with the customer is even more convenient

Wazzup chats with the client is now displayed in a contact, lead, deal details view. A salesperson can fill in details and chat side by side — no extra clicks to open a dialog.

WhatsApp: you can text to hidden numbers

If a client goes to WhatsApp chat from Facebook or Instagram ads, their number may be hidden. Unless the client provides the number, the company won’t know it.

Before: it was not possible to reply to clients with hidden numbers. Even if the client shared the number, which a seller then added to the contact details.

After: fixed, messages to hidden numbers are sent.

If you suddenly get a message from a hidden number, the phone field in CRM will be filled with random digits, and in WhatsApp chat the number will be displayed in the format +55********11.

WhatsApp: show a contact’s name in group chats

Before: sometimes the name of a contact was not displayed in the group chat, although it was on WhatsApp. There was only a phone number next to the message.

After: we show the name if it is specified.

That’s all for now, folks
Have good sales, everyone :*