#2: mobile app, message delays and thousands of notifications

September 5, 2022
6 минут

This week we have updated the mobile app — from now on it has a Telegram Bot and no bugs whatsoever. 

We have also added the ability to edit the WhatsApp Business profile directly from the personal account and fixed some other bugs: amo chats shows the correct channel now, Instagram messages are not slowed down anymore, notifications come only for business. 

Upgraded mobile app

What was changed in our mobile app: 

  • tidied up the interface — there’s more screen space for messages and less visual clutter; 
  • added a Telegram Bot — this channel is supported not only in the web version;
  • fixed a bug that sometimes prevented voicemails from being sent;
  • fixed WABA templates — the text in the variables is entered correctly;
  • the “Something went wrong” notification no longer appears for no reason.

WABA: edit your WhatsApp profile from your personal account

Before: You had to go to Facebook to change your avatar, profile description, website link and other information about your WhatsApp business account. 

After: you can change this information directly from your Wazzup account: there’s a “WhatsApp Profile” tab in the WABA channel card. 

amoCRM: correctly show the channel from which messages are leaving

Before: When a salesperson changed channels, the chat in the amoCRM interface looked like the messages kept going from the old channel although in fact they were sent from the new channel, and everything was displayed correctly in Wazzup chats.

After: you can see immediately that the channel has been changed. 

amoCRM: don’t get bored with your integration

Before: The notifications were sent slightly more often than they should be. One user received about 3.5 thousand notifications in 40 minutes that the integration was down, even though it only crashed once. 

After: realized they were overwhelming and corrected the amount of it. 

Instagram Personal: messages are no longer delayed

Before: Sometimes, messages from Direct came to Wazzup with a delay of up to 10 minutes.

After: Everything is flying again. 

That’s all for now. Feel free to read our newsletters to be among the first who knows about future updates. 

Mwahs and good sales to all :*