#3: bugs in CRM, invoices and weird unanswered messages’ markers

September 12, 2022
6 минут

Now integration with amoCRM connects without problems, and Bitrix24 has correct error notifications. We also colored the markers of unanswered messages in the right colors and corrected the links in Wazzup chats.

amoCRM: Integration reconnects successfully

How it worked before: When a user deleted  an integration with amoCRM and then added it again, an error “The account already has an integration with this domain” appeared. 

How it works now: integration can be reconnected without any problems. 

Bitrix24 integration has correct error notifications now

How it worked before in Bitrix24:   wrong  “Connection failed” notice plate was showing in the Wazzup chat if:

  • there were no phone numbers specified within contact card or lead,
  • there was no contact in the deal.

How it works after our fix: Correct error notifications returned. Now it’s clear what’s wrong and how to fix it.

Invoices can be obtained directly via Wazzup

How it worked before: in order to receive an invoice you had to contact our support and wait while they prepare all the documents. 

How it works now: your invoice is automatically generated and can be downloaded  in PDF format after the payment.

No longer need  to search for a country code

How it worked before: when you were entering your phone number to access or sign up for Wazzup, you had to scroll through the list to find  your country code.

How it works now: your country code is automatically filled in. 

Unanswered messages’  markers don’t turn green anymore

How it worked before: for some users, markers sometimes turned green. Sales reps couldn’t understand what this meant, and what to do with “green” chats.

How it works now: sales reps’ unanswered messages’ markers are only red, as it supposed to be.

Gray and red unanswered messages’ markers are not mixed up anymore

How it was before: gray markers for sales reps sometimes turned red. Because of this, confusion could take place – a manager could answer  to a client with whom a sales rep works. 

How it is now: everything works correctly.

  • if a client  for whom  a manager is responsible in CRM sends a message, a red marker appears in the chat; 
  • if a message arrives in sales rep’s chat and a dialogue only needs to be checked, a gray marker appears. 

Links with square brackets are clickable

How it worked before: if a client sent a link that had “[]” characters in it, it was not clickable. A sales rep had to copy the link and paste it into an address bar of  his browsermanually. 

How it works now: links are fully clickable. 

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Hugs to everyone :*