#22: buttons in Kommo and automation in Bitrix

March 13, 2023
6 минут

Wazzup, fellas! Here we are with several automation changes: Salesbot will no longer break on messages with buttons, and the activity in Bitrix itself creates a chat instead of the remote one.

Read more about this and a few fixed bugs in our new changelog.

Kommo: replies to messages with buttons now work without quoting

How it worked before: when a client clicked on a button in a message from WABA, amoCRM chats received not only the text of the button, but also a quote of the entire base message. Because of this, automation for the answer from the button couldn’t really work. In order for the bot to respond to the client’s answer, you had to set up automation for “regular expressions” with incoming messages from the client.

How it works now: now the response to the message with the WABA buttons is sent to amo without quoting. Automation set to the words from the button works as it should. If you have “regular expressions” setup, it will continue to work correctly too.

Activity in Bitrix: create a new chat if the last dialogue was from a remote channel

How it worked before: if the last dialogue with the client was from a channel that was later deleted from Wazzup, the message couldn’t go to the client, even if your automation set up had the setting “Where to write from if there was no last dialogue.” turned on.

How it works now: it’s fixed now. From now in such cases we create a new chat from the active channel, which is indicated in the activity.

Now we’re explaining what is wrong with the WABA template

How it worked before: when the administrator of the personal account tried to submit a WABA template with incorrect characters for moderation in the title, an unexplained error occurred. It was unclear what to fix and he had to go to support for help.

How it works now: now it becomes clear from the error text which characters need to be removed.

Analytics: we take into account the new name of the employee

How it worked before: when the employee’s name was changed in CRM, the name correctly changed everywhere in our menus – except for the “Analytics” section.

How it works now: now his/her previous name will be history in Analytics too 🙂

That’s all for now, folks. Stay tuned to our newswire to keep up with our updates. 

Hugs to everyone :*