Starting June 1, Meta changes WABA pricing

April 17, 2023
4 minutes

As now, payment will be charged for 24-hour correspondence. But the principles by which this will be done will change.

Write first for free no longer work

Now: 1000 free sessions per month can be spent on any correspondence.

How it will be: 1000 free sessions are available only for correspondence the client has started. And only if you answer him with a regular message. Send a template to the dialogue – they will write off the money.

The price for correspondence will depend on what you send to the client: a regular message or a template

Now: the price per session depends on whether the client wrote to you in the last 24 hours before the start of the session. If so, then such a session is considered initiated by the client and costs less.

How it will be: payment for a response to a client depends on what you send him: a regular message or a template. Templates are more expensive.

Template category affects the amount of payment

Now: it doesn’t matter what category your template has. This does not affect the correspondence fee in any way.

How it will be: the price depends on the category of the template.

The categories will remain the same as they are now:

  • “One-time passwords”
  • “Marketing”,
  • “Alerts, reminders, questions for clients”

☝🏻 Since the price will depend on the template categories, Meta can double-check your template categories.

If the category is changed, a notification will be sent to your mail. You can appeal the changes in WhatsApp Manager until May 15. After May 15, it will not be possible to appeal a category, but you can create and submit a template with the same text and a different category for moderation.

Country Template from "Alerts, reminders, questions for clients" category, € Template from "One-time passwords" category, € Template from "Marketing" category, € Regular message in response to a client message, €
Argentina 0,0338 0,0304 0,0512 0,0261
Brazil 0,0290 0,0261 0,0518 0,0248
Chile 0,0485 0,0437 0,0736 0,0376
Colombia 0,0071 0,0063 0,0104 0,0050
Egypt 0,0569 0,0512 0,0889 0,0533
France 0,0636 0,0572 0,1186 0,0712
Germany 0,0707 0,0636 0,1131 0,0679
Israel 0,0155 0,0140 0,0292 0,0149
Italy 0,0347 0,0313 0,0572 0,0319
Malaysia 0,0166 0,0149 0,0712 0,0182
Mexico 0,0220 0,0198 0,0361 0,0087
Netherlands (the) 0,0663 0,0596 0,1323 0,0738
Nigeria 0,0265 0,0238 0,0428 0,0257
Canada 0,0124 0,0112 0,0207 0,0073
United States of America (the) 0,0124 0,0112 0,0207 0,0073
Russia 0,0395 0,0355 0,0664 0,0329
Saudi Arabia 0,0209 0,0187 0,0336 0,0161
South Africa 0,0166 0,0149 0,0314 0,0139
Spain 0,0315 0,0283 0,0509 0,0305
Turkey 0,0077 0,0069 0,0090 0,0025
United Arab Emirates 0,0164 0,0147 0,0282 0,0157
United Kingdom 0,0330 0,0297 0,0584 0,0321
Rest of Africa 0,0133 0,0119 0,0186 0,0300
Rest of Asia Pacific 0,0391 0,0352 0,0606 0,0185
Rest of Central & Eastern Europe 0,0512 0,0461 0,0712 0,0207
Rest of Latin America 0,0409 0,0368 0,0612 0,0351
Rest of Middle East 0,0164 0,0147 0,0282 0,0181
Rest of Western Europe 0,0348 0,0313 0,0490 0,0329
Other 0,0280 0,0252 0,0500 0,0120

There can be several 24-hour correspondences with one client at the same time

Now: sent a template or replied to the client with a regular message – a correspondence has begun. Pay once and chat 24 hours, whatever you want.

How it will be: 24-hour correspondence is a paid dialogue that started with a certain type of message. Regular messages and templates of different categories start separate conversations.

There can be four paid types of correspondence:

  • correspondence began with the template “Alerts, reminders, questions for clients”,
  • correspondence started with the template “One-time passwords”,
  • correspondence started with the “Marketing” template,
  • correspondence began with a response to the client with a regular message.

☝🏻 As now, you will only have to pay for the beginning of a 24-hour correspondence, and not for each message.

Each session runs in parallel. For example, if the first one started with a normal message ends, the Marketing session will still run.

Within 24 hours, you can send a message of the type from which this correspondence was started to each correspondence for free. If you send a Marketing template to a client, after 23 hours you can send him a template of the same category for free. And if you send it after 24 hours, the paid session will open again.

☝🏻 If the template was sent to the client first, a regular message will not open a second 24-hour session. And if you answer with a regular message and then send a template, you will get several active correspondences.

So it goes. If you have questions or concerns, write to support. The guys will tell you what’s what.