#20: attached files in templates, pictures in VK and dialogues counte

February 20, 2023
6 минут

Wazzup, fellas! Here we are with some updates — we tidied up the dialogue counter in the personal account, fixed file uploads in the Wazzup activity and stopped cropping wide pictures from VK (Vkontakte).

Details about all of this here in our new changelog.

New working rules for end-to-end analytics in Kommo

A reminder for Kommo users who:

— work with Google Analytics using the Wazzup script,

— independently added fields and prescribed their names in order to receive tags from messages.

Important note: If your tags come to the gclientId Kommo system field, you can skip this news – straight to bug fixes 🙂

The rules for working with Kommo fields have changed. Tags from messages are pulled into fields with “google” in the title only.

If the field names contain “ga”, it must be renamed. With tags that have already been pulled into the fields everything is going to be okay, nothing will change.

So, what you need to do in that case:

  1. Open any deal card → “Setup” tab.
  2. Find the field for tags → click on it.
  3. Enter a new name “google”.

Click “Save” → the name will automatically change in the fields in all leads.

  1. In the “Integration with CRM” section of your Wazzup account, click “Update data from CRM”.

If “google” is already indicated in the field names, nothing needs to be changed. Even if there are others besides these words. For example, the name “google_analytics” would also work. The tags will continue to pull up in the field.

If you have any questions — write to support. We will explain and help with everything you need.

The file automatically attaches to the WABA template when you configure automation

How it worked before: the file uploaded to the WABA template header in the personal account wasn’t pulled up in the Wazzup activity in Bitrix or Salesbot. During the automation setup you had to search for the desired file and manually upload it again.

How it works now: now the template is loaded immediately within the file. If necessary, you can replace it and use another one.

Showing the correct number of dialogs for the Pro plan

How it worked before: some users with the Pro tariff indicated in the dialogue counter that there were 100 total dialogues on the channel, although in fact there are 500 of them.

How it works now: now we show the correct number.

Integration domains can be added without “https://” in its link

How it worked before:  when the user connected the integration and inserted a link to the CRM, the integration wasn’t added if the link was copied without “https://”.

How it works now: now we have support for a little bit shorter links 🙂

VK: we don’t crop wide images anymore

How it worked before: wide images that customers sent from VK were cut off in our chats. The full picture could be seen only by opening the correspondence in the VK chat itself.

How it works now: now images can be seen in its original form.

That’s all for now, folks. Stay tuned to our newswire to keep up with our updates. 

Hugs to everyone :*