How new mechanics of accounting limits for pricing plans work

January 18, 2021
6 минут


Since January, we have changed the mechanics of accounting limits for pricing plans because the old system did not meet the needs of our customers.

What problems new mechanics solved

Problem 1. There was a limit on the number of active dialogues per hour. The system considered an active dialogue any chat where there was an outgoing message. When the limit was over, all outgoing messages stopped being dispatched and were sent only at the beginning of the next hour. This system hit companies hard during their peak hours.


It was unprofitable to temporarily change the pricing plan to a higher one since a higher plan was needed only 2-3 hours a day. However, when the subscription was changed, the tariff was applied for the entire paid period.


Solution. New mechanics consider each specific WhatsApp or Instagram of a client as a unique dialogue. The client wrote to you once; the system recorded it, and then you can communicate with the client for a month without any restrictions.



Problem 2. A company needs to know the number of processed leads. However, the system gave only data on the number of active dialogues that say nothing.


Solution. You can monitor the dynamic of customer growth by month in your Wazzup account:



Opposite to each date, there is the sum of unique dialogues, taking into account the previous days of the month and not only specific date:


If you exceeded the limit before the end of the month — your company has grown, and it is great 🙂  To switch to the senior pricing plan, you need to pay the difference in the cost of plans for days before the end of the subscription.

Current limits on the number of unique dialogues

  • Start — up to 100 dialogues per month,
  • Pro — up to 500 dialogues per month,
  • Max — unlimited number of dialogues per month.

❗ Comments on Instagram are not considered as dialogues, only messages to direct.


❗  If the client wrote to you first on Instagram, and then on WhatsApp, the system will record two unique dialogues.


If you have a subscription that you paid before January, conditions will stay the same for the end of a subscription period.


If you do not want to wait for the end of the subscription period and try new mechanics today, you need to write to our support on WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook or email [email protected].