How to solve karaoke bur problems with Wazzup

February 20, 2024
6 минут

“Quadrille” is a karaoke club in the city center. Some clients come spontaneously, but more often guests book a room or table in advance, and companies book corporate parties. In order for clients to become regulars, it is important for a business to maintain customer service at a high level – to make it convenient for guests to communicate with managers.

Why connected Wazzup?

Calls and emails were not solving business problems.

Problem 1: Managers can’t get through to customers or don’t call on time

Previously, employees only interacted with customers over the phone. The first call is usually made by the customer – consulting, reserving a table or room. After the client has booked the time and date, managers take over the initiative and call the client to discuss the menu or send an invoice for payment.

At this stage, a problem has arisen – customers often ignore calls from managers. On the one hand, people do not pick up the phone if they see an incoming call from an unfamiliar number. On the other hand, a manager cannot predict when it is convenient for a person to talk, so clients often referred to being busy and then went out of sight.

Problem 2: customers are lost due to a change of communication channel

The next bottleneck is the detail approval stage. Before booking a table or a hall, it is important for many customers to see a picture of the place. Managers had to figure out the customer’s email address over the phone to send the necessary images and documents.

It is inconvenient to write down the e-mail over the phone: not everyone knows the English alphabet and can dictate the letters correctly. Both the employee and the customer feel awkward. Plus, there is a high probability that the letter will be mixed up, and the letter will not reach the addressee – the company will lose a client and money.

What we did 1

  1. Implemented CRM and switched sales managers to IP telephony. To set up end-to-end analytics, implement a CRM and train employees to use it, “Quadrille” turned to marketing and sales automation company Lightning. They set up IP telephony and recommended connecting Wazzup.
  2. Connected Wazzup So that several managers could correspond with customers from one number directly from CRM. Previously there was no such possibility, as the app and WhatsApp Web cannot be used by several people at the same time.
  3. We put a button with WhatsApp on the website The client can immediately write to WhatsApp or leave a request and the manager will call him back.


Managers communicate with clients both on the phone and in WhatsApp

As Quadrille’s experience has shown, customers respond to messages in WhatsApp 95% of the time, because the phone is always at hand.

Plus, by connecting messengers, managers were able to process requests faster. Now the flow is divided: some customers write in WhatsApp, and some call on the phone. Managers process more requests per unit of time and can respond faster to those who left a reservation on the website. Now fewer customers leave without waiting for a response.

Automating standard messages allowed managers to save time on notifying customers. For example, when a customer goes to the “Table Reservation” stage in CRM, they are sent a “Your table has been reserved” notification. Previously, they had to call everyone in person to do this.

Communicating with customers and sending media on the same communication channel

It’s easier for employees to send customers a photo of the room or send payment confirmation. Managers don’t agonize and write down an email address on the phone, but send photos or documents on WhatsApp. Besides, connecting WhatsApp to CRM has helped managers to relieve their heads. All correspondence is in the CRM – an employee will not forget a client’s wishes and agreements, even if he has not filled in the fields in the client’s card.