#15: Avito, auto-renewal and duplicates in Kommo

January 9, 2023
6 минут

Happy new integration! And also Happy New Year :).

We’ve got another big release –  integration with Avito, and also fixed auto-renewal for RUB accounts and got rid of strange duplicates in Kommo.

More about everything in the new changelog.

Made official integration with Avito

With it you can:

▪️ receive messages from ads and personal messages,

▪️ add as many Avito profiles as you like,

▪️ use templates, unanswered notifications and other goodies of Wazzup chats.

You can test integration with Avito for 3 days for free. If you like everything, the tariff plans are the same as for the other messengers.

P.S. We saw your questions about whether a proxy is needed to work with Avito. No, the integration is official, so everything works without a proxy.

Auto-renewal for your subscriptions works (if you’re paying with RUB)

How it worked before: auto-renewal for your subscription could not actually work if you paid with rubles. You could see that this feature was enabled, but when the subscription ended, nothing really happened.

How it works now: fixed it, now it works as it should.

Kommo: got rid of strange leads in Unsorted in specific cases

How it worked before: You could see how new ”Unsorted” leads were created without a phone number, but at the same time with a chat in which you’ve already had a conversation with the client. For some reason, instead of a contact card, the Unsorted had a company card attached to it.

Such a strange double appeared when a contact from CRM was associated with a deal and with a company.

How it works now: The problem has been fixed, duplicates won’t be created anymore in this case.

Telegram: outgoing calls are showing if it was an incoming call.

How it worked before: if the manager called the client in telegram and did not receive an answer, Wazzup chats still showed notifications about a missed incoming call. But there was no incoming call – we incorrectly displayed the outgoing call.

How it works now: it’s also fixed now. Outgoing calls to Telegram are not displayed in chats in any way.

That’s all for now, folks. Stay tuned to our newswire to keep up with our updates. 

Hugs to everyone :*