#13: Mobile application, using personal account with the phone and fixed bugs

December 19, 2022
6 минут

Now in the mobile application you can write first in WABA without template restrictions, the personal account opens normally with the phone, and dots after links can be put without breaking the links. 

About this and more — in the new changelog. 

Updates in the mobile application

— Now you can write from the application first with the WABA channel without template restrictions. Type text in the input line and just send it. If you already have a WABA channel, contact support to enable this feature or check if it’s enabled already. On new channels everything will work by itself.

— We’ve added the ability to write from trial WABA channels. Now you can try the official WhatsApp API for free not only in the web version. 

— We’ve also fixed a bug in Telegram chats: now the current message statuses are displayed correctly. 

If you are not using the Wazzup mobile app yet, we recommend you to try it out. Mobile app allows you to always and everywhere stay in touch with your customers. All correspondence from the application is stored in CRM (and messengers too) and is available from the computer.

Read more about the mobile app

Personal account normally opens from the phone

How it worked before: it was a harsh experience, sometimes it looked like it’s nearly impossible to work with an account from the phone. For example, it wasn’t possible (or was really hard) to renew the subscription. When the user started scrolling the screen to the desired button, the next section of the personal account opened (when it wasn’t supposed to).

How it works now: personal account site has been adapted for mobile browsers. Now you can do all the same settings there without any problems as with a PC. 

Support will be able to help even faster

Now, when something doesn’t work right in chats or personal accounts due to an error, we indicate the error ID in the notification. If you copy it and transfer it to support, developers will be able to find the cause of the problem and solve it faster.

Periods don’t spoil links

How it worked before: if the user added a link at the end of a sentence and put a period after it, the link broke due to an extra character. 

How it works now: We fixed it, now you can safely put dots after links.

We explain why the chat in Telegram is not created

How it worked before: sometimes the chat creation window in Telegram could freeze: the chat itself didn’t appear, and there were no error messages. This happened because the chat couldn’t really be created, and the error box got stuck along the way. 

How it works now: It should work correctly now, and even if something goes wrong – we’ll tell you about the error. 

That’s all for now, folks. Stay tuned to our newswire to keep up with our updates. 

Hugs to everyone :*